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This party series offers the Jamaican Rum “Appleton” Free and allows all persons in Japan that attend the event an enjoyable Jamaican experience! Recently Appleton Rum is free for 2 hours at the start of the event. Let’s drink and get TIPSY!!

Dream Weekend Launch Party

Dream Weekend is the Biggest Caribbean Event/Party. We Felt it was our right to let you experience then best in Jamaica and the Caribbean!


The Famous party gives a taste of Jamaica, More of a Jamaican Style for the Famous people of Japan! It hosts only Famous DJs and Artists!  For our Famous customers, there is a Regular and VIP  entry option. VIP offers an ALL YOU CAN DRINK option all night! Welcome to a Famous Lifestyle!


Kanpai is our Silent – Headphone party series. We sure love changing the themes and ideas around our silent party but the main idea remains simple… 3 DJs/ 1 Party/ 1 Headphone – Choose your music ALL NIGHT!

Your Jamaican Link

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Skip Marley – Calm down

Verse 1](ヴァース) I thought we figured out how not to spill blood I thought we figured out to walk away I thought we found that love was not a failure Decided that the sea would have no waves 俺は考えてた。俺たちは解決したと既に思っていた。どのようにしたら血を流すことがないようになるか。 俺は考えていた。俺たちは(戦い)から離れなければならなかった。 俺は考えてた。俺たちは理解した。愛は失敗ではなかった 俺たちは決めた。海に波がたたないようにと。 [Pre-Chorus](プリコーラス) And it kills me ’cause I get worked up and you get…

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Tipsy "Jamaica Colors" The Official One Love After Party

Dream Weekend Japan Launch Party

Dream Weekend Extras

Famous 1st Edition MAJOR MACKEREL

Famous 2nd Edition