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This party series offers the Jamaican Rum “Appleton” Free and allows all persons in Japan that attend the event an enjoyable Jamaican experience! Recently Appleton Rum is free for 2 hours at the start of the event. Let’s drink and get TIPSY!!

Dream Weekend Launch Party

Dream Weekend is the Biggest Caribbean Event/Party. We Felt it was our right to let you experience then best in Jamaica and the Caribbean!


The Famous party gives a taste of Jamaica, More of a Jamaican Style for the Famous people of Japan! It hosts only Famous DJs and Artists!  For our Famous customers, there is a Regular and VIP  entry option. VIP offers an ALL YOU CAN DRINK option all night! Welcome to a Famous Lifestyle!


Kanpai is our Silent – Headphone party series. We sure love changing the themes and ideas around our silent party but the main idea remains simple… 3 DJs/ 1 Party/ 1 Headphone – Choose your music ALL NIGHT!

Your Jamaican Link

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D Major – Real know real

[イントロ] Its Major Reaching out to every yute yeah From you know you represent the truth yeah Realness Every main every lane yes Every trench every drain Light it up Represent dis one これは”メジャー”だ(本人の紹介) この歌は全ての若者に捧げる もし君が真実を代表しているのなら。これも現実だよ。 全ての道から全ての路地裏の細い道まで。 全ての溝から全ての排水路まで。 火を灯してくれ。 もしこの歌に賛同できるなら。 One ah di realest selection And if you are paper soldier Mi know mi nah…

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Tipsy "Jamaica Colors" The Official One Love After Party

Dream Weekend Japan Launch Party

Dream Weekend Extras

Famous 1st Edition MAJOR MACKEREL

Famous 2nd Edition